A New Way of Thinking, A New Way of Being: Experiencing the Tao Te Ching

Wayne Dyer, A New Way of Thinking, A New Way of Being
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Each person has a very deep and connected relationship in what they view God may or may not be. When exploring Taoism, eventually a person compares the terms, God and Tao. I would suggest first reading this chapter of A Personal Tao on Religion.

Tao Te Ching

Taoism offers the option to skip the comparison. This question is irrelevant. Our lives are expressions of action between ourselves and the universe. To respect our surrounding environment is a furthering of respect to ourselves. However, most people insist upon definition and seeking deeper answers. The various aspects of God have been fought over as long as humans have written and used words. All definitions are based on perception.

A Taoist stays out of arguments of definition. The Tao is a concept to describe something that goes beyond our capability to define. Taoism leaves the Tao undefined, and a Taoist happily explores the wonder that opens up as a result.

Something which is indefinable: is outside of human definition by default. However, we can still accept it as indefinable.

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The Tao by being indefinable removes all issues of perception in its definition since perception cannot directly reveal the Tao which is undefined. Tao and God merge towards the same concept when the definition of God is indefinable. Once a person accepts the definition of the Tao as being indefinable, that person by definition has to leave it as undefined.

Once you place any definition over such a term, it takes a person further away from the whole concept of the Tao. In some of the Taoist religions, Taoism does have gods, but Taoist gods typically are very tangible beings. They walk beside us, share tea with us, laugh, play and can alter reality.

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A Taoist god represents an enlightened immortal that helps other conscious beings work towards grace. In Taoism, gods are shown as soul guides and inspiration towards how to find enlightenment. Please keep in mind: this paragraph is an extreme simplification of how Taoism views Gods.

We only define ourselves as we live. While living, we are still moving through life, a large part of our nature is indefinable until the end of Living. As a result: we are of the Tao. A Taoist can see the Tao within everything, a very delicate logical truth and often confuses non-Taoists. The Tao is indefinable, and yet we are complete with the Tao. A Taoist knows to leave the Tao as is, to grasp the Tao within the chase of living fully.

For a Taoist, this is all about living and exploring our possibilities, for we each are undefined and of the Tao. So a Taoist instead embraces the Tao, to discover and open up all possibilities instead. From here each person is free to draw their conclusions.

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Conclusions will always shift to the winds of perception. Live life and discover who you are. Your nature is ever changing and is always the same.

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Patrons get access to exclusive audios, chats and live stream events with Julie and Casey. Back To Taoism Library. I just discovered taoism through a Chinese drama, and I finally found something that speaks to me. But yeah, I would imagine undefinable is hard to accept for some people, since we live in a world that promotes definitives, it would be especially hard for those who are engaged in scientific pursuits.

Before I remark I just wanted to apologize for a comment I submitted in the afterlife section of your site, it was not meant.

Laozi – “His mind becomes as vast and immeasurable as the night sky”

They were:. We discuss. I remember the moment it happened. Crystal Singing Bowls. The center we hold to anchors us to our depths where the surface is just the splashing of emotion, but we do not lose hold of our center.

We learn and therefore it learns. So I view God and the Tao as sort of similar, possibly one being a by product of the other. For some, they are completely separate.

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Both angles are acceptable and many other angles exist. For meditation teaching or interpretation of visions: you need to contact us directly to arrange a personal class. I wrote the initial article back in , but parts of this article are from older writings of mine also with revisions over the years as a living document.

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This beautiful book offers you an opportunity to internalize and directly experience the great wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, a collection of 81 verses authored by. The words Tao Te Ching translate to "living and. A New Way Of Thinking, A New Way Of Being. Experiencing the Tao Te Ching. Dr. Wayne.

The whole Personal Tao site is a living document. What is Taoism? The path of understanding Taoism is simply accepting oneself. This leads to inner peace.

Getting in the Gap: Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation

Subscribe to Our Videos. Practicing Taoism Taoism teaches a person to flow with life. Taoism teaches a person to live in their heart. Here are some simple starting tips to help a person live as a Taoist. Having a set of basic guidelines can be helpful. My guidelines are the following: With care, I aid those who are extended expressions of my nature.

Be true to me Connect to the world as I want to be treated. Connect to those outside my nature with decisive action. To those unwilling to accept me for my true nature, no action is required: Just silently let them be themselves as I remain myself. I own nothing; I am merely a passing custodian of items outside of my nature.

Discover a set of practices to aid keeping the mind, body and spirit engaged and strong. Remember practices should support your essence with the activities fitting the needs of the moment. Your life practices will end up being an ever-shifting mix of activities relative to your needs. For example, I practice martial arts to keep my body strong, yoga to make my body subtle, meditation to clear my mind, bike around simply to fly, and poetry as a lens of examination. All these and more are my shifting practices to support my essence, and in doing each, each helps me learn more about myself and the world.

Take time, relax and just explore and poke around. Taoism has no plans.