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Why am I forsaken under the guidance of rapists who left Africa pregnant? The boom of blood money betrayed, the potential on us bestowed while the perpetrators bragged: Be it right or wrong, blood money rules long as we dance in its song. Africa, Africa, are you still there?

Africa, Africa, are you still the Sleeping One lamented in the Somali song?

I adhere to the culture of taking office by plebiscite, but I adore not the same to inform my removal. The world is responsible for the bloodbath you witnessed; it interfered in the affairs of a sovereign and free nation, when I extinguish just a few, ah… disobedients. Seasons are born with secrets not so concealed to the seasoned world of political satirists who prefigure in clear pictures that fools can fathom the future.

In the raging battles, the renegade rats razed the reign of terror and its ruthless ruler to restore the republic, under the rule of…rats. This politico found a trademark: a phony, flippant smile on a face deformed by a fat-mass, his goofy jaws graded for grinding goat meat grilled in garden bars, the Nyama Choma gourmet of the guiles, the granulators of the economy-grouped urban elite. The zenith of that knowledge in a zip-code of practice zeroed into Zimbabwe with malice: There, a zealous octogenarian awaits a fate unknown, assumed to be heading towards unholy ending like others afore him.

We make part and parcel of the strong Somali nation.

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This is him being better. Mohamed A Eno. Like the vultures of outer space, vampires are made of mysteries: Million molars, magnetic incisors, mallet-sized cuspids and bicuspids made of guillotine. The invocation of the names of slain heroes—Ayub, Yahye, and Elman—aims to ensconce their memory in the consciousness of successive Somali generations. A scope is a must. While the African sacristan devotedly carries the hefty scriptures of Mr. We have everything you will need to take part in this fast and growing sport of Paintball.

He who doubts that solemn declaration defies the national doctrine that drafted the Afar Dankali into the docket of Somaliness detailed in our desirous democracy. We Somalized the Afar to create the Djibouti nation, an entity of the Somali, but not much of the Dankali, so the Afars may reckon our power in kinship, which concentrates loyalty in the great Somali clanship, so it may forewarn them of the jeopardy encased in bemoaning the hardship of bearing our flagship.

Jinx, Jeans, and Jackboots Jaamac-waal wears jackboots and jeans donated by John; on July first Jaamac-waal joined the jam session of a political jamboree in a jagged nation jam-packed with juniors among the local janitors. Jaamac-waal went on a jaunt with Western jaundice, jaywalking and jive-talking about pain. Jeyte thought Jaamac-waal was in jitterbugging and jovial mood, jumping into the jam session with genius jazz lyrics. But see the ten after the seventies, the suffering of Suleeqa1 in saqdhexe2 Siijeed,3 soojeed4 all over the sides: They sliced the pretty Suleeqa, a sunken prey, into sub-portions.

Notes: 1. Suleeqa is a she-camel and stands for independence in Somali pastoral culture.

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Saqdhexe means odd hours of the night. Siijeed means backside. Soojeed is the opposite of Siijeed and means the front side. At three he won a grand award reciting names of 80 weapons weird in the Warfare Hymn Competition held in the Clan War Kindergarten. Swiftly manoeuvring machine guns in a blink, planting deadly bombs, odd activities in army tactics, expert the orphan was at six. When he engaged an alien army as a leader of the Under-Ten Brigade; though unable to inscribe the alphabet attained emeritus at age ten in a prestigious Clan War Academy.

Those bogus warriors mindless, failures, rascals heartless at the hands of moryaans1 pitiless, the beautiful one lies motionless. Thugs applauding anarchy senseless, wicked perpetrators ethic-less, a lot among the cursed, faithless, pernicious buccaneers merciless made us a nation xikmo-less,2 a society rendered much xeer-less3 among those attributed as xishmo-less,4 wanderers so despised as xarun-less.

Moryaan: marauding armed gangs that loot, rape, and cause human suffering; the poverty-ridden 2. Xikmo: Somali word related to wisdom, conscience, and sound moral judgment 3. Xeer: Somali for customary law that binds every citizen of a culture 4. Xishmo: dignity, profound respect and honor 5.

It hurt; the lack of prominence, disturbance to his intelligence for which he lacked inheritance except in the form of vengeance.

Blood, Bullets, and Bones

The prevalence of negligence we depicted in ultimate defiance of an attitude emboldened with turbulence emerged in his ever-sickly variance. He cocks a huge, deadly appliance to contain our pertinent recalcitrance for not bowing in acceptance, thus violating his self-importance.

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Protect us! How gallons of blood we let out of men living in lovely calm and lonely women lullabying their little ones, us lodging rockets in their lungs. When our loaded missiles land on targets labeled to languish, we legitimately acquire valuables left, loading the loot in our looted luxury cars. How lengthy the distance and hike home!

One another, we ask worthless, witless rogues! You tear apart the tact of taking us there, two decades of torture trembling the totality of a nation topsy-turvy.

The Story of Forensic Science from Sherlock Holmes to DNA

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Why numerous-score years in war we engaged? Why the multitude of war widows we made in wanton killings? Every tick of time tinted as a token translates a tale in tricky tabulation; taming time by its tabulation took you too long to read! Alloow naga qabo2 all prayed to Allah: extinguish this evil Iblis before he entombs the entire nation under the earth. Every now and then ailments amplified, orphans increased, and the old abandoned in eerie, ugly age; over and over again, annoyances uttered in unison: Alloow naga qabo, and usher us all under your shelter.

Suddenly the unabated screams of Iblis filled the air everywhere! In this unexpected incident, up, up, and up leapt Iblis acrobatically, and upon returning to earth, Iblis was powerless. With stern agony in the field, Iblis awaits assistance; scores of his army away and abandoned, avoiding yet their ill-fate. Though adamant over the years, awful in ideology added to arrogance, Iblis lay alone, screaming for aid.

A well-aimed, venomed arrow an expert had oiled entered his abdomen, eroding his life.

Notes 1. Iblis: devil or Satan, loaned from Arabic and widely used as such in Somali language.

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But he who fought in many a dreadful battle whispered dismayed words of rattle and battle: Tracers, tracers! A little moment later, A little lonely girl was left alive. We minted many a land like we made worthless the brand of monies of the land, landing us in the land of obsessions with land: Middle Punt-land, Upper Punt-land, Lower Punt-land, Middle Shabelle-land, Upper Jubba-land, Woqooyi-land. Dhul-dhammeeye-land, Iscuna-land. Minutes of a Deceased Youngster Approaching the empty graveyard in the vicinity of Digfer and Tarabuunka, an anguished voice in a wilderness speaking as a youth of twenty astonished me in a sleep so awful a week ago I had in its early hours: Since the inception of our journey over a decade and one ago today, my age-mates and I observe what the lords of war perceive of the benefits they receive from the destinies of debris, delusion, and doubling destruction daily: Deaths that diminish our demography.

Our Doctors of Philosophy, deans, and diplomats, Even the deft of our religious doctrine, defy delving into the dreariness at the depth of the debate to divulge the dark legacy devolved to the generations. Decline and lack of development drafted this nation into dependency, a deep-end poverty of disaster, disappearing desire and hope of dear creations dwindled into a destiny so deprived. Alternatives to the evil past may at times encourage altruism of engagement with audacity for apology, acceptance, adherence.

Openness of heart and mind offers alternatives that aspire our elated emotions to reengage with the atmosphere, ameliorate the eons of old animosity. Optimize affection and love with apologies, acceptance, and adulation to open the entrance wide again for ultimate peace to augur the elimination of our past enmity. Are we all on board? Such apologies advanced by the errant, honourably the erred-against would accept to save the communal attachment enlivened over the centuries in the ethical shrines of history, so we might not allow evaporating our entity as the unethical offspring of evils, ills, atrocities.

It takes a man astute to endow apology to a society he stripped of its serenity in a world that found him a brute — to reverse its notion of his disrepute. Looma-ooyeyaasha is a derogatory epithet deriving from Somali sociolinguistics of war. It refers to the Bantu Jareer community and other minorities like Madhibaan, Yaxar, etc. In Memory of Ayub Should a strike aimed at the evildoer deprive the innocent of his life?

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Oh, thee of the morbid heart must make sense of thy life that one so much in love with education also adept at sports sciences, avoiding the ineffective allure to clan austerity, owns his ascription to society at large. When interest-oriented urbanites armed idiots along kinship lines, the obvious tragedy was ashore to make the likes of Ayub among the early victims. The heart finds hard to accept healing over the loss of a friend with focus and foresight, so intelligent a learner and trainer.

Deprivation called on us when cowardly culprits Kufaar cadeeysatay infidels of the worst kind killed Yahye in an uncalled-for cold-blooded attack. Peace be upon you, buddy, in your perpetual place of rest! Peace you loved, for peace you died; May peace be upon you, and the blessings of Allah! He began by saying: As I put it plainly: That plans had been put in place for the plundered Somali Bantu to be migrated to Portland; that our healing, protection plan assures them of plots to plow from Boston as far as Portland, as had been the bulk of messages propagated in Buunde, Somalia.

And to your Bantu people, from Buunde and Barawa, blow the big trumpet for opportunities available as remedial redress for awful experiences they encountered in the horrible Horn. Youths from Baladul-Aamiin, down Buulomareer to the boundaries of the Bajuni islands, are booked as our primary beneficiaries; that Bantu elders should believe Bush properly prepared to provide peaceful haven; that his previous promise was firmly in place, dispatching as you desire plenty of jet planes to bring you, Bantus, within the borders of Blackwell.