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We started this month with our very first poetry study. I chose e e cummigs. For no other reason than I found an amazing book about him and wanted to have it in our collection. I knew a great book would make all the difference in how the kids responded to the poet. Turns out my hunch was right. It has been the perfect place to start. We're only a couple weeks in and we're all loving it. But that's perfectly OK with me.

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That's part of what these studies are all about. I want to expose them to lots of different poets and poems and styles and voices, and to help them find the ones that resonate with them. And the ones that don't. Like I've said before, I'm not just here to teach them to learn to read and write, add and subtract.

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I'm here to make their world bigger. I'm here to help them love to learn. I'm here to light the fire. So, just in case you're interested in incorporating any of this into your school days, here is what we're doing with our: A Story of E E Cummigs.

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Children's book: Greta and Paul learn to be patient - Kindle edition by Leah Wymark. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Greta and Paul have some great news! Dad is coming home, and he is going to take them to the ice cream shop! Greta and Paul love ice cream. They are very.

We read this book over the course of 3 days. It helped to spread it out, allowing them time to think about who e e was, what he was doing, and become interested in his work. Introduce the poet ee cummings, and begin reading the book abut his life, "Enormous Smallness. If you are not familiar with e e cummings and yes, he liked his name spelt with all lower case letters you can brush up on his life here.

Continue reading from "Enormous Smallness". Next we read one of his poems, "The Sky Was". That's when the real fun began! The first time I read it to the kids, I stumbled and could hardly get through it. I had to read it again, and then again , to really get through it and for it to make sense to us. By the second reading the kids had gathered around me and pointed out the words that went together and we laughed at how silly and strange it was.

It was so much fun to see the way Cummings played with language, poetic form, and grammar. And it was so good for them to see me struggling through a poem, not particularly enjoying it at first, but liking it more and more with each read. It takes patience and perseverance to read, understand, and enjoy it. But having this experience with my kids, I am modeling for them the exact way I want them to approach a poem.

So I really, really, really suggest you approach this poem totally fresh when you read it to your kids. Struggle with the poem. Struggle alongside your kids. You'll be teaching your kilos such an invaluable lesson about reading poetry. Next we discussed our own reaction to the poem, and how much more we liked it the first time we read it. And then after we read it again, and again, and again, and again.

It was so great to see their opinions changing with each read.

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We discussed the way other people responded to Cumming's wild looking poetry when he wrote it. I told them that in the next few days they'd get to illustrate "The Sky Was" in the way they saw it in their heads and they were quite excited about that. I read "The Sky Was" again to get it thoroughly in our heads.

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Each child looked at the poem as it was originally written by e e. Here's how I explained it to the kids: They don't have pages and pages to express an idea, paint a picture, or tell a story. Instead they must do that in a few lines. Therefore every word counts. This is called word choice , or diction. Next I had the kids underline or circle word choices cumming's made in the poem that they thought were important. They could do this individually on there own copies of the poem, or you could do it all together as a group on the white board. Everyone shares one of their choices and why they think it is important to the meaning of the poem.

Then I wrote the poem in a more traditional style up on our white board. I underlined each word connected to a color: We lined up our colored pencils and I asked them," what kind of yellow do you see when you hear it described as "shy"? When Adam is not collecting wonderful facts, he works as a website editor and information designer for publications such as The Guardian. You can find her work in bookshops, on mugs, on cards and in many other places! The collection continues to grow this year with the much anticipated follow-up Fantastically Great Women Who Made History, along with a fantastically fun activity book and a gift edition of the original bestselling title.

Read this amazing book to find out about the following fantastically great women: Whizz past the British Museum in a double-decker bus and be amazed by its towering pillars and spectacular glass roof. Sarah Jennings From bestselling author Molly Potter and illustrator Sarah Jennings comes a wonderful new book for small children with big worries.

It talks about how they might feel, what they might think, and what might help to make them feel better. This is THE survival guide to help you make it through the crazy, topsy turvy, whirlwind ride we call life. Can You Crack the Code? Throughout history, many good and bad guys used codes to send secret messages — this has curriculum appeal for science, history, computer and maths classes. Between Black and White: All aboard with Ted! With lots of terrific flaps to lift, preschoolers will love riding on trains, buses, boats and aeroplanes in this interactive picture book from awardwinning illustrator Sophy Henn.

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Toby loves to dance. Especially wiggling and whirling, spinning and stamping, jumping and jiving, and twisting and tumbling. His dance teacher says they should imagine dancing with a beautiful creature.

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So Toby imagines stomping round with a dinosaur! It gets bigger and bigger every day and it makes Ruby sad. How can Ruby get rid of it and feel like herself again? A perceptive, poignant and sensitive story from the creator of Perfectly Norman. A quirky tale of a frog princess who becomes a kind pirate — and discovers that treasure is found in the most unexpected places. Illustrated by the prize-winning Deborah Allwright.

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Childrens book: Greta and Paul learn to be patient

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