Exotic Animals: A List of the Most Interesting Exotic Animals

Here Are 15 Exotic Animals Trying To Take The Best Pet Title Away From Dogs
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She kept several spider monkeys, a fawn, parrots, hawks, and other exotic animals, all who inspired some of her famous paintings. Besides the wild pets, Kahlo also owned a Xoloitzcuintle dog, a hairless, and exotic dog breed native of Mexico. Regarded by many as one the most influential novelist in history, with dozens of famous literary works that people still love to this day, like A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist. Like the other artists in this list, Charles Dickens was an exotic pet owner who loved the companionship of an unusual animal.

Dickens kept at least two more ravens in his life, along with an eagle, and several cats. Make sure to check the other articles here on GeoZoo, and research online on which exotic pets to keep, the challenges, and legalities. What do you think about these exotic animals?

Demand for exotic pets pushes species to the brink

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While they look more like spotted genets, they are actually related to raccoons. People who don't live in western states are usually unfamiliar with ring-tailed cats in general and certainly that they can be kept as pets. Today, their populations in the pet trade are dwindling, but a few years ago captive-bred babies were offered for sale and reportedly made reasonable pets. Being native animals, they are banned in many states, including those which have 'lenient' exotic pet laws like North Carolina and Nevada.

Kinkajous are somewhat popular in the exotic pet trade and they received some exposure after an unfortunate incident where celebrity Paris Hilton was injured by one she illegally possessed as a pet in California, where few exotic pets aside from reptiles are legal. Many kinkajou owners report that aggression with this species is unpredictable, and "attacks" can occur despite their otherwise affectionate demeanor. They look like large worms, but they are actually strange amphibians. You are unlikely to see anyone owning these because they are very hard to breed and care for, but some adventurous and advanced keepers have managed wild-caught specimens.

An even more limited number of people have bred certain species. These pigs are typically kept in zoos, but a few breeders exist and offer them to the public. They hail from Africa and have striking coloration.

A captive-bred baby can sell for thousands of dollars. A paca is yet another large South American rodent that few have heard of. They have spots just like a baby deer and can weigh up to 26 pounds, so this is not a pet for a guinea pig enclosure.

Like the agouti, they are also good swimmers. This name might strike fear in rat haters hearts, but these animals actually make good pets, just like domesticated rats. Unfortunately, their importation was banned along with several other African rodents after an embargo on them resulted from a monkey pox scare in , but they are still kept as pets in Europe. In Africa, they've even been trained to help detect land mines and tuberculosis.

Asian palm civets are viverrids that are about the size of a house cat. They are famous for the strange use of their droppings in expensive coffee called Kopi Luwak, where they are often incorrectly described as being a cat. In a Dutch study of various exotic pets, they were actually declared to be one of the best pets along with Sitka deer, wallabies, and llamas. These incredibly strange little rodents are some of the few bipedal mammals in the world. They are hard to breed in captivity, and most pets in the U. They are still kept in Europe.

This African primate might be better known by its other name "bush baby.

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Being primates, they are illegal in most states. Fennec foxes are pretty well-known animals and are prevalent in the trade of exotic mammals, but the slightly larger bat-eared foxes, also from Africa, are much less common. Unlike fennec foxes, they are primarily insectivores. There are very few breeders of these animals. Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world, and while they are enjoying immense popularity in Japan, many people in the United States are still not so familiar with them. These enormous guinea pig relatives are semi-aquatic and require a pool of water to swim in. Palawan porcupines have recently been introduced into the American pet trade and are less common than the others, such as the African crested.

They have more of a musk rat appearance. Porcupines can be interactive and surprisingly affectionate, just be sure to pet them "along the grain" so that you don't get poked. Many people are not aware of tenrecs, a species that resembles a hedgehog but they are actually not even closely related. Tenrecs have some of the lowest body temperatures for a mammal, and they can hibernate in captivity.

What the heck is this thing? It's a beautiful sea cucumber, which is an echinoderm like sea stars. Few people keep these unusual animals because should they die, their toxins will kill everything in the aquarium. Therefore, they are kept in tanks alone, called species-specific tanks. Sea cucumbers are also challenging to feed because they filter the sea water. They require a specialized diet and a mature tank with live rock.

Slow Loris

Springhaas is an Afrikaans name; they are also called springhares in the Western world. Like jerboa, these are strange bipedal rodents, and they are unfortunately rare in the pet trade in the United States due to the African rodent embargo. However, a teeny number, perhaps just one, breeder exists, and they are slowly being reintroduced.

Exotic Low Maintenance Cool Pets That Are Legal To Own

They are challenging for even zoos to breed. If Patagonian maras are uncommon for people to have heard of, Chacoan maras are even worse. They are a much smaller, less common mara species there are only 2 in the pet trade. Unlike Patagonians, they are small enough to easily be house pets, but not unlike guinea pigs, their cages need to be constantly cleaned.

Tailless whip scorpions, or vinegaroons are arachnids that are kept as pets in the arthropod trade. They are not actually scorpions. When disturbed, they can shoot a very strong smelling acetic acid spray.

greentower.se/the-internet-love-spell-book.php Their enclosures require deep substrate, and they can tolerate some handling, although they do have a painful but non-venomous bite. These are South American non-domesticated cats that aren't larger than your house cat. They have beautiful spots and are very quick on their feet. Hybrids of Geoffroy's cats and domestic cats are called safari cats.

They are one of the less common small exotic cats kept as pets after servals, bobcats, and caracals. Common snake-necked turtles are strange-looking aquatic animals that are rare in the pet trade as they are difficult to breed. As one can guess, their long neck prevents them from being able to pull their head into their shell. They can emit a foul-smelling liquid that smells like skunk from their musk glands when threatened.

Their care is complex. This raccoon, native to Central and South America, has been recently imported and has become available to private owners in small numbers. As the name suggests, they eat crustaceans but also foods like fruit, amphibians, and eggs. They are more arboreal tree-dwelling than North American raccoons.

Serval Cat

While it looks like a rat, the bettong is a marsupial, like the wallaby that it also resembles it is also called a rat-kangaroo. They are also native to Australia where they are critically endangered. Due to this, they cannot be sold over state lines in the United States due to the Endangered Species Act, but they are still privately owned.

9 Most Beautiful and Exotic Animals in the World

This adorable crab is used as a member of community marine aquariums. It gets its name from the tiny anemones that it carries and waves at predators, causing it to resemble a cheerleader with pom poms.