Lamb on the Run: (A Picture Book for Young Readers Aged 3 and Up)

Suggested reading list for Year 6 pupils in KS2 age 10-11
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The most obvious benefit of audio CDs for kids is their ability to get rid of boredom and are-we-there-yet's during long car journeys. A big, engrossing book can make the hours fly by! They're also good for popping on at bedtime for drifting off to sleep to, especially after a busy and tiring day at school. Audio stories for kids will improve children's vocabularies and literacy skills — just because they're not reading doesn't mean the words, sentences and paragraphs aren't working their educational magic. That's ignoring all of the information that books convey to kids about the world too.

We've got a wide selection of titles, meaning there's an audiobook for every child.

And if your children love adding a soundtrack to their favourite stories, be sure to take a look at our children's sound books. Read less. Sort by. The Gruffalo has become one of the most-loved children's characters of all time and this CD collection brings him, and many of his equally brilliant friends from Julia Donaldson's collection of books, to life in audio format. Perfect for long journeys and for keeping children entertained whatever the weather, among those delivering the soothing, rhyming stories are Imelda Staunton, Alexander Armstrong and even Julia Donaldson herself!

A Squash and a Squeeze is a charming story; while Room on the Broom is hilarious; and The Snail and the Whale is quite rightly regarded as a children's classic. There is even The Gruffalo Song and Other Songs included, a CD which contains some of Julia's very own fun-filled action songs for children aged 3 and over.

Format: paperback. Book People reserves the right to remove or amend this promotion at any time. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. This promotion applies to products in the Half Term Fun Offer category only. Witches and wizards unite as you join the Battle of Hogwarts! Complete the entire series of J. Rowling's Harry Potter stories with this enchanting audiobook collection.

Will Harry be able to summon the courage and the spells to stop Lord Voldemort once and for all?

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He expected to scare the Cranes just by swinging the sling in the air, and shouting loudly at them. Someone knows the truth. Young readers will learn about the parts of a butterfly, the differences between butterflies and moths, the butterfly life cycle and the different families of butterflies. New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Rob Scotton is back with a brand-new jacketed hardcover Splat the Cat adventure. So he decided not to wait and made off as fast as his legs could carry him. Meet Myron: a third-grader whose unique perspective from the autism spectrum makes him a top-notch sleuth.

Narrated by Stephen Fry, this unabridged CD collection provides over 44 hours of spellbinding entertainment for the whole family - especially on long journeys, whether by car maybe flying? This promotion is available to UK customers only.. There is a maximum of one use per customer. This offer is subject to stock availability. David Walliams' Dahl-esque books are hugely popular with children and many of them have been adapted into hit BBC shows.

Here are nine of his books in audiobook format , so the whole family can listen and laugh to them - wherever you go! A bumper-tastic story collection full of heart and humour, these are stories you'll want to listen to over and over again. Running time: 36 hours Tin size: x mm. This set contains unabridged audio versions of the first three Harry Potter books - the perfect gift for young witches and wizards. They might not be on the Hogwarts Express but they can still enjoy the magic of these timeless tales. Narrated by Stephen Fry, these Harry Potter audio books follow the young wizard Harry as he heads off to Hogwarts and battles with the evil Lord Voldemort.

Everyone will be on tenterhooks as they listen to these gripping and timeless stories by J.

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Jill Murphy's The Worst Witch is one of the all-time children's classics and this audio collection contains unabridged adaptations - read by Gemma Arterton - of all seven stories in the spellbinding series. Mildred Hubble is the worst witch at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches as she's always getting her spells wrong. But she always manages to get by until she turns Ethel, the teacher's pet, into her deadly enemy Format: CD.

He'll build his own ship and sail out to find this magical place himself! And when he arrives, maybe, just maybe, he'll find something he didn't know he was looking for.

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Atkinson, Cale, author, illustrator How would you get mail if you lived in the middle of the sea? It's Jo's dad's job to deliver it, taking bottles wherever they need to go. He always comes home with exciting stories to tell-but Jo is far too afraid to go out on the ocean herself. Until Dad gets a bad sea cold, that is.

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Results 1 - 12 of [BOOKS] Lamb on the Run: (A Picture Book for Young Readers Aged 3 and Up) by E.T. Aardentee. Book file PDF easily for everyone and. Lamb on the Run: (A Picture Book for Young Readers Aged 3 and Up) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also You can download or read online.

With no one but Jo to deliver the bottles, she must find her courage and set sail alone. As she embarks on her mission, her fears just might be replaced with new friendships. With beautiful, atmospheric art and endearing new characters by author-illustrator Cale Atkinson, this picturebook is a treasure.

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Friend, Catherine, author It's the perfect read-aloud! A flustered cat is on the verge of crying fowl in a farmyard story that will crack kids up. Jack the cat is building the perfect nest. It's bound to attract the perfect chicken, who will lay the perfect egg, which will make the perfect omelet.

Feathers get ruffled -- and Jack gets much more than breakfast -- in a funny tale rich in detail with a sweet final twist.

Berger, Samantha, author Nothing Says Love Like an Old-Fashioned Letter A long, long time ago, before email and texting, the mail was delivered in a much slower way-it was called Snail Mail because some thought it was delivered by a snail. Although it took much longer, everyone agreed that letters were a little more special when they were delivered by Snail Mail. They might be handwritten.

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They might include a drawing. They might even contain a surprise inside! One such letter was sent by a Girl to the Boy she loved, and it was up to four special snails to deliver her card across the country. The snails trek across the country-through desert heat and dangerous blizzards, across mountains and plains, through cities and forests-and along the way, they find that taking time to slow down and look around makes the journey all the more beautiful.

Snail Mail 's playful and educational story encourages kids to have slow living, and to approach life with determination and wonder. Julia Patton's rich illustrations showcase America's diverse terrain and national monuments from coast to coast. Kids and parents alike will delight in this celebration of America's beauty and the power of a simple handwritten letter. Scotton, Rob, author, illustrator New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Rob Scotton is back with a brand-new jacketed hardcover Splat the Cat adventure.

Join Splat as he finds out he's going to be a big brother--to a surprising little guest!

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Splat the Cat can't wait to be a big brother. So when his mom brings home a special little guest, Splat races from his room, slides down the banister, and skids across the hall, only to find his mom holding. It's not the baby Splat was expecting, but he's determined, no matter how messy, smelly, and tricky it gets, to be the best big brother he can be!

This Splat the Cat adventure by bestselling author and illustrator Rob Scotton is both funny and endearing. Energetic art and hilarious text make Splat the Cat and the New Baby a perfect addition to this classic, lovable series. Dirks, Adam, author Unstoppable Me, written by New York Times bestselling author and champion surfer Bethany Hamilton with husband, Adam Dirks, tells the story of Makana the lion, who loves to surf but loses her nerve when she wipes out.

When her friend encourages her to go back out again, Makana summons up the courage and discovers the success that comes from believing in yourself and never giving up. As seen in the feature film Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable, this playful board book with foiled padded cover will have little ones cheering for Makana and inspire them to stay strong and keep trying, no matter what challenges might come their way.

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Frith, Nicholas John, author, illustrator On his way home one moonlit night, a strange thing happens to Oliver James -- he unexpectedly turns into a werewolf! He can't believe it, it's so. Suddenly, he can run super-fast, leap super-high, and lift trucks with his super-strength! But even werewolves need to be home in time for dinner and Oliver James races to make it back.

There's only one problem: what on earth will his parents say when they see him? Latimer, Alex, author A wolf and a sheep fall in love.