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So they came to Elisha and requested help for their problem. Elisha then requested a new jar filled with salt, casts it into the spring, and by a miracle of God the water was purified with permanent results.

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Evidently, the spring to this day is okay. Please note in , Elisha gives God the credit. It was not Elisha and it was not the salt--it was God. Elisha was only a representative agent of God and the salt a symbol. Jericho had originally stood as a fortified city against the occupation of the land of Canaan by the people of God see the book of Joshua.

Jericho is very prominent in Joshua. The destruction of Jericho stood as a kind of firstfruits of promise for the occupation of the rest of the land. However, the city was cursed in the sense that anyone attempting to rebuild the city, especially as a fortified city, would lose their sons Josh It could be the problem of barrenness was a continuation of this curse generation after generation.

Jericho portrays the world which is under the curse of God. This is a curse which only God can lift by His plan of salvation as revealed in the Word of God. Mankind and the world system of Satan offers substitutes--human philosophies, religious systems, and materialistic solutions. These substitutes may be pleasant, but the world solutions always result in barrenness and are vain in fulfilling their promises. They may sound good, they may look appealing and they may satisfy the flesh for awhile, but the ills of man just continue to grow worse.

Only God can remove the curse.

Water in Scripture is often a symbol of the Word, of the Spirit who cleanses and refreshes, and even of life. Water which is bad naturally portrays the opposite. In Scripture, believers are portrayed as mere earthen vessels containing the treasure of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ so that the power of salvation might be clearly seen to be of God and not of man 2 Cor.

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Note also that Elisha requested not just a jar, but a new jar vs. The salt is the most significant of the symbols here. Not necessarily, you can feed him salt and then he will drink. It was viewed right along with wine and oil as a sign of prosperity. This meant that sometimes it was impure and mingled with vegetable and earth substances. Salt from the Dead Sea was often mixed with gypsum and if in sufficient quantities, the salt would become alkaline and lose its salty character. Without salt they were unacceptable no matter how sincerely offered, no matter what the sacrifice or the cost or how pure the motive cf.

Covenants in ancient times were ratified with salt.

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The salt speaks of the person and work of Jesus Christ poured out for us who then, as the resurrected Lord, provides the ministry of the Holy Spirit, springs of living water John So no sacrifice we make counts unless it is a product of Jesus Christ in us and the control of the Spirit and His love at work in our lives cf. The emphasis of Scripture is not that the believer himself is salt, but that the believer, as a new jar full of salt the character of Christ , is to have the effect of salt upon the earth.

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Remember, historically speaking, because of the way salt was often procured, it was sometimes impure and full of gypsum, or adulterated with earthen substances. The picture should be obvious. If a believer, even as a new jar, becomes adulterated with the world and its substitutes, he becomes useless to the Lord. He loses his sense of purpose. So we must be salty, not an old salty dog, but salty in the biblical sense of manifesting the character of the Savior. So, what does the salt in 2 Kings refer to? Salt in this passage refers to two things:. In essence, as believers in Christ, our lives must be filled with both the Spirit and the Word.

We should conclude with a look at Luke which adds to the emphasis in Matthew b:.

Therefore, salt is good; but if even salt has become tasteless, with what will it be seasoned? He who has ears to hear, let him hear. Again we see this important warning: without its saltiness, salt becomes perfectly useless. It was good for nothing, not even for the soil as fertilizer or for the manure pile. The point is, as long as our lives are filled with and adulterated by the substitutes of the world like the love of money or possessions we are useless to the Lord as disciples or as vessels of the Lord cf.

Luke in its context. If we are correct in analogy, and it certainly fits with the earthen vessel concept of 2 Corinthians , it illustrates the principle of purpose. We are not simply here to please ourselves or to live for ourselves cf. Phil with When believers live purposefully, with salt in their lives, they have the following effects in fulfilling their purposes.

This has both a negative and positive emphasis. Negative : It shows us what the world is like and will become without the salt effect of believers. This means at least five things:. Salt not only seasons, purifies, and preserves, it also irritates. Living the Christian life and fulfilling the will of God will always rub some people the wrong way John Godly living is a rebuke to many and they will criticize and hate believers for it. It has lost its distinctiveness.

Most of us have heard about the polls taken in our country which reveal how the values and priorities of the typical Christian is very similar if not the same as those who make no claim to being Christian.

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God worked a miracle in the life of Elisha to teach us the kind of effect and the purpose believers are to have in this world. Men came to Elisha from Jericho because of the authenticity of his life and ministry. The Gray family are Church members with human weaknesses and strengths. The effects of parental behavior and example on the children are clearly dramatized. Depicts the persistent and loving efforts of a Young Women leader to bring a teenage girl back into church activity.

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An ineffective Sunday School teacher causes a young boy to become negative toward the Church. The patient efforts of a bishop eventually bring him back.

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A little can mean a lot in God's kingdom. Processing of salt from mines is usually accomplished by making a brine water and salt solution out of the rock salt and then evaporating the water by any of several methods. You say, "Now wait a minute! We were darkness and we are now light. Log in to speed up the checkout process. We cannot swallow its materialism, we cannot swallow its self-centeredness, we cannot swallow its easy solutions, we cannot listen to its philosophies.

Based on a true story of an Indian chief's dream wherein he was told to search for a people who possessed a book containing a history of his ancestors. Recaps the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and emphasizes the ties between the American Indians and the Book of Mormon. Sunday golf seems to lose its importance as Joe hears his young son tearfully express a desire for his parents to be sealed in the temple. Joe's revived interest in his family and in genealogy helps him to become active in the Church. The Search for Truth. Documentary about the harmony of science and religion, featuring interviews with Wernher von Braun , Harvey Fletcher , and Henry Eyring.

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A sheltered young LDS man goes away to college and runs into opposition to his faith and beliefs. As he struggles, counsel from an Institute teacher and a nightmare dream about a car crash with his girlfriend, reaffirm his faith and his testimony.

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Shows how principles Christ exemplified and taught can help resolve interpersonal feuding problems among adults and children. Scenes from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's European tour highlight this presentation, which traces the musical heritage of the Church and emphasizes the importance of music in the Church.

A young man must decide whether to follow the crowd and drink beer or to do what he knows is right. Dramatizes problems youth may confront in dealing with peer pressure. Julie and Joe are determined to marry, in spite of counsel from friends and parents. It is not until Julie sees the unhappy circumstances of a married friend that she and Joe decide that a happy marriage is worth waiting for. The Windows of Heaven. A rancher's search for lost sheep and later for a lost boy is likened to the effort sometimes needed to locate lost genealogical information about ancestors.